Song of the Week 12

“Real Man” The East Light As someone who has a soft spot for pre-2010’s Kpop, it’s often hard for me to open up to some new Kpop groups—especially if they’re young. Part of the fun of Kpop is getting to ogle pretty Kpop stars, but that’s a little weird when the average age of the […]

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Song of the Week 11

“Neverland” by Holland First of all, let me apologize for being a WEEK LATE on this song and for not posting for two weeks whoops. I’ve wanted to write about it since the day it came out, but life’s been hard. I decided to cover this not so much because I like the song, but because […]

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How America is Handling BTS

If you’ve been on the internet lately you may have noticed all of the buzz about BTS’ time in the United States and their performance Sunday night on the American Music Awards. If you find yourself asking, ‘who is BTS?’ I recommend reading my article about them here. Otherwise, read on. Ever since BTS were […]

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BTS: Changing the Game

I’ve been meaning to write about BTS for the looongest time and finally, this comeback provided the perfect opportunity! So my roommate and I got up stupidly early the morning of September 18 so we could watch BTS’s most recent comeback together before we each headed off to class. I was going to make this […]

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