Artist Showcase: Hobo Johnson

Once again, YouTube’s baffling recommendation algorithm has delivered a musical gem into my lap for me to share. Frank Lopes— better known as Hobo Johnson— is a Sacramento based hip-hop artist. In his own words, he makes “‘nice’ hip-hop.” But hip-hop is not the first thing that comes to mind when I listen to Hobo […]

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Song of the Week 14

“On My Teeth” Underoath I’ve been wanting to cover this song since I heard it last week, not only because the reunion of Underoath is monumental, but because this song is great. “On My Teeth” is the first single off of Underoath’s highly, highly anticipated upcoming reunion album Erase Me. This is the first music the band […]

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Throwback Thursday 6

“What’s My Age Again?” Today’s throwback Thursday is a request from my roommate (which she suggested after I began mumbling about not having any inspiration). Blink-182 are like an old friend to me—reliable and always a regular part of my musical diet. They’re sorta mainstream, which is probably why I’d never thought to include them […]

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Song of the Week 10

“Andrew in Drag” The Magnetic Fields Today’s SOTW is a song I discovered, once again, through a cover. The Magnetic Fields’ quirky “Andrew in Drag” is the single off of their 2012 album Love at the Bottom of the Sea. The track is, quite simply, about a man who falls instantly in love with Andrew in […]

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Throwback Thursday 4

“Shoulder to the Wheel” Saves the Day Okay, if you read last week’s Throwback Thursday, you probably remember me saying that I’d be tackling Sechs Kies this week, but I think it’s better if I save them for later. Today, we return to 90’s Emo. Saves the Day is considered one of the top Emo […]

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