Artist Showcase: Laura Sjin

I’d been sitting on this one for a while, so I’m glad I finally get to share. I don’t listen to a lot of Dutch music (or any at all, really) but I happened to be introduced to Laura Sjin by my roommate (who’s actually her cousin wow). The first song that I listened to […]

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Artist Showcase: Hobo Johnson

Once again, YouTube’s baffling recommendation algorithm has delivered a musical gem into my lap for me to share. Frank Lopes— better known as Hobo Johnson— is a Sacramento based hip-hop artist. In his own words, he makes “‘nice’ hip-hop.” But hip-hop is not the first thing that comes to mind when I listen to Hobo […]

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Song of the Week 12

“Real Man” The East Light As someone who has a soft spot for pre-2010’s Kpop, it’s often hard for me to open up to some new Kpop groups—especially if they’re young. Part of the fun of Kpop is getting to ogle pretty Kpop stars, but that’s a little weird when the average age of the […]

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BTS: Changing the Game

I’ve been meaning to write about BTS for the looongest time and finally, this comeback provided the perfect opportunity! So my roommate and I got up stupidly early the morning of September 18 so we could watch BTS’s most recent comeback together before we each headed off to class. I was going to make this […]

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