Artist Showcase: Laura Sjin

I’d been sitting on this one for a while, so I’m glad I finally get to share.

I don’t listen to a lot of Dutch music (or any at all, really) but I happened to be introduced to Laura Sjin by my roommate (who’s actually her cousin wow).

The first song that I listened to was “Buurjongen” [“Boy Next Door”]. I was immediately taken in by the soft, fingerstyle guitar and Sjin’s airy vocals. I’m a sucker for acoustic songs. The lyrics reminisce on the fond memories and “what-if’s” of a childhood friendship, ‘would-have-been-romance’. It’s upbeat, but bittersweet. “Buurjongen” is one of those songs that you don’t have to speak Dutch to understand—you can just feel it.

This live-ish rendition I find particularly nice:

ok but isn’t she so cute tho wow

Sjin released her debut EP Als Ik Droom [I Dream] this year. You can find it on her Spotify.”Tot Die Tijd” [“Until Then”] is the only other relatively upbeat song that appears on the EP. This song deals with someone patiently waiting for their love to return after a breakup. It has the same bittersweet tone as “Buurjongen.”

The last song I’d like to showcase is one of her darker tracks, just released a few days ago. This one’s thematically classic, dealing with the disbelief and grief of a breakup. This song showcases a different sort of sound: more spacey and atmospheric.

Though I would safely label Sjin’s music as indie—perhaps even a bit folksy—I would also venture to say she has a dark pop sensibility that shines through on some of her darker songs and makes for a unique and undeniably beautiful sound. As my roommate says, it’s amazing she can make the Dutch language sound so pretty.

If you dig Laura Sjin as much as I do, make sure to check out her YouTube, LauraSjinMusic, where she’s got a bunch of cool covers and loosies not available on Spotify.

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