Song of the Week 14

“On My Teeth”


I’ve been wanting to cover this song since I heard it last week, not only because the reunion of Underoath is monumental, but because this song is great.

“On My Teeth” is the first single off of Underoath’s highly, highly anticipated upcoming reunion album Erase Me. This is the first music the band release in eight years.

Underoath are a hugely beloved band from the early 2000’s post-hardcore scene. Their forth and fifth albums They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define the Great Line are iconic. The band  broke up in 2013, announced their return in 2015 and have returned in full force this year.

“On My Teeth” hooks you in immediately with it’s chugging intro, then skyrocket’s with energy, carried by Spencer Chamberlain’s vocals. The song is a bitter, biting revenge track dealing with betrayal and defeat. It manages to sound fresh and stay true to the band’s roots—something particularly impressive considering so many scene bands have both changed their sound and put out mediocre (if not terrible) albums in the past couple of years.

So if you’re a die-hard Underoath fan or you’re new to the band, definitely give “On My Teeth” a listen!

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