Song of the Week 13



I was stoked when I heard last week that AIRFLIP were getting ready to release their sophomore album in march. Now, the trouble with AIRFLIP is that because they’re not very well-known, you can’t really get their music outside of Japan. They have their EP’s on their Bandcamp, but not their debut (or presumably, their sophomore). So I was super excited to see they dropped an MV, since it’s likely the only content we’re going to get for this release.

“Voice” is the first single off of the band’s upcoming sophomore album Clover  Voice. The song is quite reminiscent “Brand New Day”— the title track off of the group’s debut album. The MV’s for both songs are also similar. They feature the band playing in different settings. The song is a catchy tride-and-true Pop=punk song with a smattering of questionable English phrases (I would expect nothing less!) The track is nothing out of the ordinary, but a fun listen for Pop-punk purists and casual listeners alike.

Unfortunately, you can’t get AIRFLIP’s albums unless you’re in Japan. But, you can access some of their discography on their Bandcamp. In case you do live in Japan (or read Japanese) you can buy their album and check out their website here.


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