Song of the Week 12

“Real Man”

The East Light

As someone who has a soft spot for pre-2010’s Kpop, it’s often hard for me to open up to some new Kpop groups—especially if they’re young. Part of the fun of Kpop is getting to ogle pretty Kpop stars, but that’s a little weird when the average age of the group is sixteen.

That is exactly why I’d been avoiding The East Light for so long.

However, when I saw the thumbnail for “Real Man” pop up in my subscription feed, I couldn’t resist clicking on it, if only to see a bunch of fifteen-year-olds sing about being ‘real men.’

I ventured into the song very skeptically, but was pleasantly surprised. The chorus is catchy, the boys have some nice voices and they play their own instruments.

However, the lyrics are about a younger boy pining after an older girl and proudly declaring that they are her ‘real man’ and not the hyung (older guy) she’s with. That explains the song’s title, but I’m not sure how I feel about it, thematically. It sure as heck doesn’t make me feel any better about these teenage boys done up like grown-up Kpop stars. Maybe I am their target audience after all?

Regardless of questionable lyrical content and youth, The East Light are clearly quite talented and are definitely a group to keep an eye on. I’m excited to see what more they have to offer in the future.

Here’s a video with a good English translation:


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