Song of the Week 9

“El Ataque de las Chicas Cocodrilo”

Aleks Syntek ft. David Summers

One of my favorite things about being home for winter break is that I can watch LATV, which is like Mexican MTV (when MTV actually played music videos). I love watching it because you truly have no idea what they’re going to play. Sure enough, I was graced with this banger while watching last week. As soon as I heard it, I knew it would be this week’s SOTW.

The whimsical “El Ataque de las Chicas Cocodrilo” [“The Attack of the Crocodile Girls”] is an 80’s pop-tinged jam that’s pure fun. The version by Aleks Syntek is actually a cover of a hit from the Spanish band Hombres G, of which David Summers is the vocalist. Hombres G were considered one of the most prominent bands in Spain during the 80’s and 90’s. Sytek himself has also been cranking out hits since the 80’s.

Though “chicas cocodrilo” [crocodile girls] doesn’t really have any meaning in-and-of itself, the song equates “chicas cocodrilo” to fangirls. The lyrics talk about how the singer doesn’t think of himself as particularly attractive or anything special—but the fangirls persist nevertheless.

I’ll leave a link to the English lyrics here, as well as the original song, in case your interested 🙂


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