Throwback Thursday 2

“Oh Messy Life”

Cap’n Jazz

Ah, Cap’n Jazz—my favorite Second Wave Emo band. Cap’n Jazz is one of the most iconic and recognizable bands from the Second Wave, despite having only released one full length album and one compilation album.  They were pioneers of the raw, messy, jangly sound and hopelessly heart-on-sleeve lyrics that would come to define Midwest and Second Wave Emo.

Though “Little League” is arguably their most popular song, “Oh Messy Life” is a close second. Something about the powerful chorus and the chaotic verses is weirdly captivating, You kinda just want to scream along.

As a bonus-jonus (man, do I love throwing extra stuff in these posts), I’d like to turn you on to Cap’n Jazz’s crazy cover of A-ha’s classic “Take On Me.” It’s no A-ha, but it’s charming in the oddball way that Cap’n Jazz is.

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