Song of the Week 6

“I Feel Extra Natural”


I have been wanting to talk about LVL UP for a while now, and I’m glad I’ve finally found a lull in all this BTS hullaballoo to sneak in my favorite song by them.

“I Feel Extra Natural” has a jerky, stuttering musicality that nicely parallels the awkward lyrics. Somehow, the song manages to be both sparse and cacophonous at once. In fact, ‘sparse and cacophonous’ could be used to describe most of LVL UP’s discography, The band tends to favor a monotonous, lo-fi sound that is slightly disconcerting, but ultimately charming.

I found this song thanks to yet another cover by Slaughter Beach, Dog. Check it out here:

I was appalled when I first heard the original, because it’s so drastically different from the cover. However, the original quickly grew on me. I can appreciate the soft, melodic quality of the cover as much as the grittiness of the original.

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