Throwback Thursday 1

“Is This Thing On?”

The Promise Ring

Welcome to the first installment of a new segment I’m calling ‘Throwback Thursday.” It’s like ‘Song of the Week,’ except I’ll be showcasing an older song (/band/album) that I love. I’ll try to keep them all pre- 2000’s.

Today, we have The Promise Ring’s “Is This Thing On?” The Promise Ring are an iconic emo band and pioneers of Second Wave Emo. “Is This Thing On” is off of the band’s sophomore full length Nothing Feels Good– an amazing album.

The song barely has one verse and one chorus throughout, but still manages to be interesting, as the music fades in and out of intensity along with frontman Davey von Bohlen’s vocals, the bass dominating the verses before the guitar punches into dominate the choruses. This song never fails to get me hyped.

Shout out to my favorite band Slaughter Beach, Dog and Jade Tree for covering this song and turning me on to it:

(Skip to 2:15 for the performance.)

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