FOB x BTS Collaboration: Champion Remix

Scene legends Fall Out Boy and international stars BTS have collaborated on a song! It’s a remix of FOB’s single “Champion” from their newest album Mania. The remix features a couple of rap verses by BTS’s RM. Listen to it here:

This morning, when my roommate texted me the link to this song, it was almost more than my heart could handle. As is evident by the content of this blog, I exist in the gray area between Emo and Kpop, so to see my two musical worlds collide was mindblowing and incredibly awesome!

I was not a fan of “Champion” to begin with, (or the whole Mania rollout in general, but that’s another story). However, RM’s rap really does add a little something extra to the song, and the resulting remix is a jam.

Regardless of the quality of the song, it’s amazing to see more international music collaborations across a wide variety of genres. Heck, that’s kind of what this whole blog is about! Keep the collabs coming!


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