Song of the Week 4

“Mic Drop”


I keep thinking I’m done talking about BTS, but then they keep blowing my mind. So, here we are again.

Most recently, BTS has made wakes with the newest version of their single “Mic Drop,” remixed by Steve Aoki and featuring Desiigner (though the version with Desiigner is not featured in the video).

“Mic Drop” is a catchy, relentlessly thrumming hip-hop track reminiscent of the band’s early work, but polished and deeply improved. The parts of the )song that are translated to English are a bit questionable, though by far not the worst English I’ve heard in a Kpop song. The editing of the video is top-notch and the choreography is on-point, as usual.

The video quickly rose to the #1 spot on the YouTube trending chart and the song hung onto the #1 spot on the iTunes chart for the Thanksgiving weekend. Most recently, the “Mic Drop” Remix debuted on the No. 28 spot on the Billboard Music Chart, besting their last record for highest Billboard debut for a Kpop artist (DNA, No. 67) and becoming the first Kpop artist to have a song in the Billboard Top 40.

The boys are out here continuing to make history.

Check out the version of the remix with Desiigner here:

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