Song of the Week 3

“Brand New Day”



Because I was not very inspired by anything I heard this week, I decided to pick an obscure song I really like that’s a few months old cuz it’s my blog and I can break my own rules.

I loved this song from the first few notes of the intro. It immediately gave me that feel-good Pop-Punk vibe I love. Though musically fairly standard,  the guitar solo is particularly awesome. Doesn’t it just make you wanna jump?

As far as lyrics go, I can’t speak to the verses in Japanese, and it’s hard to find translations for these obscure songs, but I’ll link some here if I ever do find them. The chorus and bridge (in English) are upbeat and deliver a message of perseverance and optimism, though it’s a bit muddled by word choice.

“Brand New Day”—and all of AIRFLIP’s repitoir—are awesome to listen to when you’re feeling down. If you like this song, I encourage you to check out their Bandcamp, where you can listen to their earlier releases. The American Pop-Punk influence is super clear on these. In fact, all of their older songs are written in English. Their English is not the best, but they do get their point across. Plus, you have to give them props for writing songs in a language they’re not fluent in.

All in all, AIRFLIP are a super fun listen! And damn, aren’t those Japanese boys cute?

BONUS: Check out a live performance of “Butter Kids”

P.S Let me know if you’d like me to showcase some more obscure bands in these Songs of the Week!

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