Song of the Week 2

“Take it Out”


Ah, it was only a matter of time before Kpop made it onto the Song of the Week.

MYTEEN are a brand new Kpop group—like debuted a few days ago new. Though I was not super impressed by their debut single “Amazing,” which is very much on-trend with the cute-and-poppy-but-bland Kpop sound of the day, the choreography video for this song, also off of their debut mini-album MYTEEN GO!, had me immediately impressed (and only slightly put off by its title).

This song is quite unique in the cookie-cutter world that Kpop has become in the last few years. It’s slow, sultry and undeniably catchy. Even the requisite rap verse fits nicely into the song, providing some contrast without being jarring.

Though I can’t speak to the lyrical content of the song (I wasn’t able to find any English translations- will edit as soon as I do), I can assure you “Take it Out” is worth a listen, and the choreography is definitely worth a watch.

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