Song of the Week 1

“Tan Felices Con Tan Poco”

Say Ocean


Rising Guadalajaran Pop-Punk band Say Ocean have released the second single “Tan Felices Con Tan Poco” (So Happy With So Little) off of thier debut album Mejores Tiempos (Better Times) which was funded entirely though a Kickstarter campaign.

Judging by their spectacular EP Como Si Fuera 2005 (As If It was 2005), and thier previous single off of Mejores Tiempos, “Amnesia” (Amnesia), Say Ocean have the Pop-Punk formula down. They’ve got a repitoire full of bangers, and “Tan Felices” is no exception.

The song opens with a catchy riff, and quick, jaunty vocals, proceeding in familiar fashion. The song tells about the band finally getting thier big break and hitting the road. They thank their fans and fall into a chanting chorus about turning the volume up: “sube el volumen y radical!” (turn up the volume and radical! Which, trust me, sounds much better in Spanish than it does in English).

Sonically and lyrically, “Tan Felices” is pure, no-frills, unadulterated Pop-Punk. It isn’t revoutionary, it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but damn, is it good.

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